Lime SDR - slowness with 2 channels enabled


I’m writing some code that uses the Lime SDR to grab some samples at various center frequencies. I have been using LimeSuite’s LMS library in some C++ test utilities, and SoapySDR with Python.

I’ve found that enabling 2 RX channels on the Lime causes the LMS_StartStream() (in C++) and activateStream() (using SoapySDR with python) calls to take considerably longer to execute (by more than a factor of 10) than just enabling a single channel.

Any idea why this is, please?

When 2 Rx channels are enabled, multiple phase checks and LMS chip module resets are performed in attempt to match channel phase offsets.

If start delay causes problems, you can try compiling LimeSuite from source as this behaviour is disabled by default in the current master branch.

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Thank you for your help. I am currently using the last stable release of LimeSuite (19.04.0), and compiling from source. I will try a more recent commit, and give it another try. Thanks again