Using Myriad RF with any FPGA

Can I use Myriad RF with any FPGA or dedicated ASIC/Baseband solutions ?

Yes you can. Basically you have to establish the digital interface between your own Digital solution and Myriad RF. The options are:

  1. make use of the already developed interface board for Myriad RF (link)
    2.use the interface PCB data base and develop your interface board to any digital solution.

I am looking some RF module for my LTE project. The Myraid RF board looks very atractive. SO question is, what is the IF BW of the MYraid RF? In particular i’m intrested in 20 MHz BW LTE signals

Hi, Samule


Sorry for long response. For Myriad RF Board IF BW is max 14MHz, which gives you 28MHz BW for RF signal. So it is suitable for your 20MHz BW LTE signals.


Can Myriad RF work with 1.8V Digital Interface?

Yes it can. At the specification range is state from 1.7V to 3.5V. Typical is 3.3V


I have xilinx development softwares and experience, so i did not buy altera de0-nano board. How can interface myriadrf+interface card and xilinx?


To connect to Xilinx development kit you will need to have interface board with FMC connection. We are aware of some MyriadRF user which are developing this type of boards. I hope this will be available soon.