Transmit time tagging with GNU radio


Sorry if this question was answered elsewhere but: does the Lime SoapySDR/Osmocom API support transmit burst time tagging UHD-style?
So basically for TDMA I want to tag a stream of samples to specify the exact time it should be transmitted. I already do this in GNU radio for the USRP.



I’m looking for the same thing,

Did you find a solution ?


Not sure if this is what you mean:

gr-osmosdr doesn’t have support for tagging burst with the time, however gr-limesdr does have tx_time tags. Didn’t get to play with this feature yet, however since osmo-trx does it, I assume gr-limesdr does not necessarily need to be used directly.

It’s in LMS API, which SoapySDR and gr-limesdr both sit on top of.