The LimeNET Micro campaign is live!


And on RPI Broadcom resources are shared between USB 2.0 and Ethernet.
We can feel lucky in case of possible 5 to 6 MHz bandwith…


The board design update has been completed and additional new features added include a HDMI connector, audio output and two USB ports instead of one. Meaning that you can now use a LimeNET Micro with a full size keyboard, monitor and mouse. See the update for board renders.

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You see :wink:


That’s enough for a self contained FM repeater on 2M/70cm, very very cool given the possibilities of various digital modes running locally on the hardware.


One question regarding the scheduled delivery dates.

ship Feb 25, 2019. listed on CrowdSupply

and the UK is scheduled to leave EU at 11pm UK time on Friday, 29 March 2019 .
Therefore considering to change delivery to other part of EU land in case of delay.
What is status now, please?


Shipping is from Crowd Supply in the US.


I am asking because of delivery to UK from USA to be used/forwarded to the rest of EU.
Question is simple:
Delay or on schedule?


I don’t understand what this means. Shipping will be from the assembly and test — would need to check where this is, but I don’t think it’s the UK — to Crowd Supply and from there (US) to backers.

I am not aware of any delays.


Thank You

Shipment to backers in UK, before or after the Brexit date, can bring trouble to me…


SURPRISE :wink: delay…


We clearly need to have you with your anticipatory powers on our product team :smiley:




I haven’t looked at the LimeNET Micro in a while. It appears with all the new I/O options and with proper software this could be turned into a usable handheld device. Similar to the HackRF w/Portapack.

I want one.


All the LimeNET Micro board-only and Acrylic Kit packages have now been sent to Crowd Supply and should start shipping out soon.


Just to notice that I finally opened my LimeNET Micro on intention to prepare
proper case and cooling.
It is so called early bird board and on my surprise it is BOM_VER 1 (R34 NF)
according to:
that means -> SDR (without duplexers and WiFi module)

For my needs WiFi is not necessary but duplexers may be useful.
Any way can not remember that early bird boards was expected to be crippled
on major RF side…


Hi @9a4db,

Yes, LimeNET-Micro is supplied in SDR version to CS backers.

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You mean that SPDT switch are not able to handle whole bandwith?


Regardless the version with duplexers is a special build for volume customers and we never specified that these would be fitted to the campaign boards. We considered providing it as an option, but more SKUs means more cost and complexity.


Hi @9a4db,

Sorry, my last sentence was misleading, edited.


@Zack Thank You