Setting phase corrections in LimeSuite

I think this is a common issue you (user application) should solve when you need coherent/aligned carrier phases. To be specific, you need to calibrate the phase offsets between channels before you start using multiple antennae (e.g. beamforming etc.).
The hardware should guarantee the phase offsets do not change over time (or at least change very slowly) once the board is powered on. However, the hardware usually cannot guarantee the fixed phase offsets between two power cycles.
If the above is true, even if you implement the ini file and read the calibration value in GNURadio, you may still get unaligned phases.
To verify that, you can power up the board many times (say 20~50 times), check the phase offsets. (Note that you may power cycle the board in different time of the day / enviroment temperature). If the phase offsets remain unchanged, reading ini file can work. Otherwise you need to calibrate the channels in your application.

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