Phase between 2 channels drits


I am using one LimeSDR with SDRangel and the phase between the two channels drifts.
I have the same signal in both channels and the phase is not quiet.

Anyone know how to fix this issue?


This document may help:

Hi @andrewback

I see this document getting referenced a lot. Is it possible to call this AlignRxRf function using the standard LimeSuite.h API that is available? Does setting the LMS_ALIGN_CH_PHASE flag somehow call this function?

I’m just a little confused about how to actually get the channel alignment to happen through the C++ API

I’m not familiar with the details, but someone in @Zack’s team may be able to advise.


Thanks for your reply.

My problem is not just alignment it is worst. The phase from one channel drifts compared with the other channel. Looks like the NCOs are not synchronous. (Using SDRangel, working fine in all other aspects.)