Rx Functionality Myriad RF-1 + Zipper

I’m trying to figure out how to get data on the RF FE for the Myriad-RF1 + Zipper but I am stuck. I’ve read the LMS6002D programming and Calibration guide as well as the Reference Development Kit PDF and LMS6002D Data Sheet, but Im not sure what it is im missing I’ve enabled Soft Rx Enable, Top Modules, and Rx DSM SPI (which i assume is all i need for basic Rx functionality). I also configured my RxCLK and RxCLK_C (currently both are at 1 MHz just for testing) and I do see the clock on the scope, but the RXEN_H and RXQISEL_H signals are always low which indicates to me that the board isnt reading any data on the Rx side. Any ideas on what I am overlooking for basic Rx functionality?

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only two general hints:

  • RX sampling frequency should be at least two times the selected RX Low-Pass filter bandwidth.
  • Did you select the correct LNA input by setting the GPIO0+1 pins to the correct value. The chip registers are set to LNA1 by default but there’s also an external switch on the Myriad-RF1.

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