RF Signal operations

What is the difference on transmiter BW range for Myriad RF board Tx1 and Tx2 outputs?

as I found the bandwithd is mainly designed by LMS6002DFN, which is from 300 Mhz to 3800 Mhz

I want to do RF LOOPBACK. Does the LNA need to be power down running RF LOOPBACK operation?

Hi, Solutions OK.
For testing purposes the LNA does not need to be powered down. If this is to be done in the field, to avoid any interference, LNA must be powered down. To do this you will have to enable Direct signals on LMS6002D software (GUI) page “RxFE”, enable “Direct Signals” and disable “LNA Modules”. It is easy to find.

I am getting LO leakage on receiver analog output. How can I calibrate RX to minimize as much as possible? Is the some automatic function or manual of controlling software?

there are two ways to calibrate RX LO leakage. For both of them before calibrating, set the receiver for the frequency you want to use. Set VGA2 gain to maximum (30 dB).
One of the way is very simple if you want to control transceiver on provided software ctr_6002dr2 (GUI). Simply find section “Automatic Calibration” on GUI page called “System”. Click “Receiver”.
The other way is by programing settings on LMS6002D registers with your own software. For this you can find the sequence in the data sheet/programming guide, on page 38.