RF matching


The datasheet mention the need for RF matching, but how do you compute the values for the matching network exactly ?



Hi Sylvain,

The RF matching network components are simulated using tools such as ADS [link] (the simulation also includes the PCB layout pattern). The LMS6002DFN transmit load and receive input impedances are specified in the datasheet [link].

Do you have a specific frequency of operation in mind. There are forum members who are able to give you some hints, if required ;-)!



I didn’t have any particular application in mind, just general question after seeing some issue on the UmTRX was linked to an impedance mismatch, I was wondering how it worked. Unfortunately those tools aren’t exactly affordable :frowning:

Impedance matching is pretty straightforward to do. While ADS can do that, there’s a plethora of spreadsheets/websites etc to do this. Here’s an example spreadsheet