Reference dev kit pcb project gives error

Hi! Excuse me please for noob question. I am newbe in KiCAD.
I can succesfully open “myriadrf-1” project from github repository.
And it looks like reference development kit board project. It has .sch
and .pcb files.
But I can’t open “umyriadrf-6002” and “umyriadfr-7002” projects. I can
open only .sch files. There is no .brd files and I am getting error when
I try to open .kicad_pcb files. So, how to see pcb layout of that projects?

Another one question. I understand difference of umyriadrf-7002 project -
there is another used chip. So what is the difference between another two
projects - “myriadrf-1” and “umyriadrf-6002”? Does second of them just a
modification of first?
Here is picture of error:

Hi almaz1c

For the KiCad design files, try to open these one I put in the DropBox (both uMyriard6&7):

MyriadRf-1 has more features such as SPI pinheaders, Analog TX inputs, Analog RX outputs.
In terms of RF there are all channels connected via RF Switches separate for TX and RX. They are controlled automatically when you select wanted PA1/PA2 for TX and LNA1/LNA2/LNA3/Bypass for RX. Each of the outputs and inputs has matched network to particular band.

Where on uMyriad6 you have only PA2 for TX connected and LNA3 for RX. Here both TX and RX and designed to match the boradband frequency range. And this board do not support any Analog RF inputs or outputs.

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Hello, Ignas.
Thank you for explanation. It is now clearly what’s the difference between
that boards.
I downloaded projects from your Dropbox, but they shows me same
“IO_ERROR: Layer ‘Inner8.Cu’ in the file… from C:/Jenkins/workspace…”
Do I need to provide correct path instead of “C:/Jenkins/…”? If so where must
I do this? There is no that path neither in project settings and .kicad_pcb
file when it is opened in text editor.

Hi Almaz1c

Maybe it’s due to a different KiCad version. This project was build in older version:
Build: (2013-07-07 BZR 4002)-stable
Try to find this one and open the project with this version.
Other thing as you say, try to save project database i different folders. This you have to find yourself.
To be honest, I did not had that issue, since I am saving my all projects on separate disc partition from where OS is running. Another thing you could do is to send a screen shot of the error window, so I could see what is the full message.

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Ignas, thank you very much!
Moving to older version ( 2013-07-07 BZR 4022 ) helps me!
Now I’ve two installed versions of KiCAD.
It seems usefule practice to install new version of KiCAD without removing older versions:

Glad to hear! Good luck and keep us updated with your projects!