Reference Dev Kit matching network and tuning

Hello all, I’m a new to this field of radios. I was wondering about this small phrase in the wiki (

The RF board is tuned to support band 1 (Tx 2140 MHz and Rx 1950 MHz) and broadband operation

Does this mean that the matching network connected to RXIN1 or RXIN2 (LNA1, LNA2) on the board is designed for 2140MHz and 1950 MHz? Meaning if I wanted to use another freq, I’d have to use RXIN3?


Note that Reference Development Kit != LimeSDR.

@derekjg, you definitely mean the RDK:

and not LimeSDR?

Oh sorry. I didn’t see this was posted in ‘Reference Development Kit’.

Thanks! I should have mentioned reference development kit to be clearer.

You had in the title and category, but just wanted to double-check as most posts are about LimeSDR.

Not sure about matching with the Myriad-RF 1 board. @Zack, perhaps you could advise?