Recommendation for RF Connectors

i just received my Novena Desktop unit and assembled it.
Since i’m quite a noob regarding RF and SDR are there any recommendations on the kind of RF connectors to buy for the unit?


Hi Steffen,

The connectors on the module are U.FL and I’d suggest getting two “pigtail” (short) cables that go from this to bulkhead/panel mount SMA connectors. See the blog post in which I describe fitting these to the Novena.



Hi Andrew,
thanks for the fast reply.
I read your blog post - in fact, that’s how i got to know about the forum in the first place.
Was just wondering if it’s possible to purchase these cables preassembled somewhere, since i assume a dodgy connection will produce lots of noise especially in the high frequency range.


p.s.: After searching with the relevant keywords it looks like getting complete cable sets is pretty easy … thanks again for the posts, keep up the good work!