Radio Direction Finding is possible?

Hi, I think this is a quick question.

I’m looking for ideas for projects, I’m interested in radio direction finding using pseudo doppler or interferometry. I was initially interested on the LimeSDR because it has 6 RX connections and because I might be able to borrow one for a while. But then I found that actually it has 2 RX.

So I wanted to ask if the LimeSDR can switch between inputs to allow pseudo doppler direction finding, using at least 4 RX inputs. For example:

RX1_L: Channel 1 RX - frequencies below 1.5GHz
RX2_L: Channel 2 RX - frequencies below 1.5GHz
RX1_W: Channel 1 RX - wideband
RX2_W: Channel 2 RX - wideband

Necessary switching frequencies should be around 500Hz ~ 20kHz considering examples like this.

Looks difficult considering discussions like this one but I wanted to ask to be sure before giving up the idea.

Thank you

Hi @mbernardi,

You can use 2 Rx channels at the same time on LimeSDR-USB board. I.e. you can use one of RX1_L, RX1_W or RX1_H at the same time. The same for RX2.

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So I’m going to look for something else to do, preferably using more than one RX so I have an excuse for borrowing a LimeSDR instead of using my RTL2832 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!