Switching between RX1 and RX2 with the LimeSuite


I have a rather simple question, quite similar to the following topic:

except I want to change the RX ports with the LimeSuite and not with any other 3rd party software or python application.

After hooking up a LimeSDR-USB on my computer and loading in the example.ini, I was trying to switch between the RX1 and RX2 ports with the GUI controls. Switching between LNAL, LNAH and LNAW is possible with no problems but how can I switch to the corresponding ports of RX2?

I tried to change the RX channel in [Modules] --> [FFT viewer] via the drop down menu from Channel A to Channel B without any usefull results: the FFT plot does not even move or update as it does on RX1.
I assume Channel A and B refer to RX1 and RX2? Even after manually adjusting every parameter of the A Channel to B Channel there is no change in the FFT viewer.

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Hi Krombopulus,
Try to select MIMO and select channel B on the top of the LimeSuite. Then you can change RF route in RFE/TRF page.