PLL Clock Input - Stand alone mode

Im trying to make Myriad RF work in standalone… We are using arduino for spi communication…Should I need to solder R49 resistor on-board for providing external PLL clock source (Through mmcx connector)…


The Myriad-RF board can operate in standalone mode. Setup for standalone mode is as follows:

  • Connect +5 V power supply to X2 connector on the Myriad-RF board.
  • Connect SPI control to X9 connector.
  • Connect wanted reference clock to X8 connector. Fit R49 resistor.

In this mode you are able to fully control LMS6002DFN chip register and perform some basic RF measurements using IQ Analog inputs/outputs.


Hello Andrewhux,
Using an external micro-controller; on invoking the PLL frequency setup process as outlined in the Lime Programming Guide; VTUNE never provides any change in comparator state (always 00) when VCOCAP code is swept from 1 to 63.
Thus, I am unable to tune PLL frequency to set NINT and NFRAC values.

Do we need any other settings or changes that would establish a PLL Lock.