OsmoBSC + Asterisk (and other questions)

Need a help with osmobsc+asterisk. Phones can see my network, but cant register. And how can I setup ARFCN’s, network name, MNC, MCC, etc. ?

Thank you very much, Marty! I have reinstalled Ubuntu 18.10 instead of 16.04 and repeated all steps from user manual for 16.04. Now my LimeSDR successufly defines by LimeSuite! Now i am going further to run my BTS =)

And I wanna make some remarks. As you said: “use Wondows, its fully suitable like Linux for LimeSDR”. But I cant find any manual how to run osmocom on windows! Maybe there is some way by Windows-adopted cmakes, compilers, etc. … Then you have mentioned SDRAngel for transmit. But how can I run full-duplex GSM/UMTS/LTE stacks for cellular base stations emulation on it? As I know, only Linux really suitable for that puproses!

Unfortunatly, I am stucked now at the “SoapySDRUtil --find”. Command returns “No devices found!”. How con I solve it?

Ok Marty, when I would have a time, I will create a new topic and will publish all there and will delete my offtopic.

Hello. I have used this guide to run my Cellular BTS: https://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Osmocom_New_Splits_(BSC_MGW_HLR_MSC)
Can someone help me to enable UMTS (3G) within all I have installed? If its possible, do I need to change something in configs or install something in additional? I am very afraid of ruining all I have installed to run successeful. If UMTS 3G requires something else (difficult), I can install another image of Ubuntu 18.04 to install everything again but for UMTS 3G work. Thanks in advance! I am very awaiting of usefull answers!

You will need nano3g modem for running 3G network.

Please read carefully on the osmocom wiki.