LimeSDR-USB with Osmocom New Split experience

Osmocom New Splits stacks (osmo-bsc, osmo-msc, osmo-mgw) for voice is SOLVED and stable with LimeSDR-USB!

Voice is working actually since back then, my fault is using only Motorolla C117/118 phone for test call all the time before. (dont use those phone)
Now I just test using newer phone both Caller and Callee for voice is work perfectly!

I tested both osmo-trx-lms and osmo-trx legacy.
using osmo-trx legacy 0.20 also have better performance using the firmware/gateware version I mention here : firmware/gateware version: LimeSDR-USB_HW_1.3_r3.0.img and LimeSDR-USB_HW_1.4_r2.9.rbf from LimeSuite 17.09.0.

The Legacy osmo-nitb also work great!

Noted: using latest osmo-trx-lms great (with downgrading the firmware I mention above and never get error)

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This is good news for me, could you share the config file used for the osmo stack?

There you go :


can you share how you installed the osmocom stack. I failed to find any instructions regarding the installation process


I got the split osmocom working a few weeks back as well. Getting the network up wasn’t too bad but, finding the right config for voice calls was pretty frustrating. I believe it was the IP/Port settings of the mgw that was crucial to successfully routing voice traffic to the bsc & msc.

I’ll also offer my guidance and config files to anyone in need. Currently, I have a working setup on my Ubuntu 16.04 VM that I’ve tested with both the full size LimeSDR and mini.

I’m really digging the osmo-trx-lms transceiver.
However, I’m going to experiment with the legacy trx with 17.09 firmware too.

hello @zodiac-tiger

can you share the steps you took to install the split packages ?


This is the splits step I made.

FYI: The latest LimeSuite firmware 18.10 now is fine and good as 17.09 for osmo-trx-lms.

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thanks , never found this page before,

will try it


In my initial test, I found that the software "libtool " is missing from the dependency. I can’t run autoreconf -fi without it, and autoreconf doesn’t exist in the dependency as well.

this is just to let others know that this is missing from the guide

Also (./configure) command didn’t work, so I checked a previous guide and found out that the syntax is as follows
./configure --without-uhd --with-lms

and you should build libosmocore before osmo-trx

Great thanks for the tutorial!!! I got it to work! But I am running into an issue, I have tested with and am broadcasting at 950 mhz, I would like to change the broadcast freq to 1900 for T-mobile gsm US. When I change the config parameter in the osmo-bts-trx.cfg from GSM900 to GSM1900 it crashes. Any help would be appriciated.

That’s because there is no such thing as GSM1900 — it’s PCS1900. See:

Also you will need to change the band setting in other components also. In general I’d suggest reading the documentation.

Thanks for the help! I’ll check it out!