Operating System on LimeSDR-USB Board

I am happy to tell you that we now have Windows 10-Lime running on the LimeSDR-USB board! Check the attached picture to see how Lime desktop looks like, please.

Instructions on how to build your own Windows 10-Lime FPGA gateware image from Windows sources will be presented shortly, we are preparing it right now.

I was playing with this system today and I am amazing how easy and intuitive it is!


I’m particularly looking forward to using Netflix on the lime … I reckon the reception will be better with 40 MHz of bandwidth :sunglasses:

When will there be support for running OpenVMS on it? :smiley:

Will it also be available in Lemon.

Very nice addition, now can compile natively.

How’s performance on that?
Use able?

Will test it soon. Wait for another post!

Not all the good things at once, Andrew!

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Will post benchmark results together with PCIe version. But it is quite good!

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Instead of OpenVMS I would suggest AmigaOS (sorry @andrewback )
I think this topic deserves a poll :slight_smile:

Will performance/usability stay high from April 2 or will those decrease?


Plan 9. :smiley:



Does this mean that Win10 is running on a LimeSDR board, or on the new unit that has a PC and LimeSDR together? Please advise - I’m most anxious to know if this is running on the LimeSDR board itself.

73 de Marty, KN0CK

Hello @martywittrock,

Correct, initial post was about Win10 running on LimeSDR-USB board itself.

@Zack … There are very strict rules about April Fool’s pranks and it’s generally accepted that the prank does not continue beyond the !st of April. The rules state that you can only carry on with the prank “in your own timezone” and not to assume that because someone else is still 8 hours or so behind us in eg PDT that the prank can be continued. Nice work though!



I tried the Win10 addition on my LimeSDR board and it ran fine…But I have too many Win10 machines in the house so I reloaded my LimeSDR with Commodore 64 Basic…Raspbian just seemed a little too mainstream, too.

I couldn’t believe I got roped in on that one…I guess I’m a little too fanatical on the LimeSDR :smiley: !!

73 de Marty, KN0CK

how about CP/M? :wink:


I know, @TegwynTwmfatt. This is why I said: [quote=“Zack, post:14, topic:1039”]
initial post

Sorry if someone taught I am still continuing this prank.

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I found the Dysan 8" floppy disks from an Osborne 1 machine to load the Lime…I should try that next… :slight_smile:

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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It’s okay…I’m trying to get CP/M running on the Lime at @SabineT suggestion… :slight_smile:
73 de Marty, KN0CK