Can't make LimeSDR-mini to work


I just received my LimeSDR-mini (first batch) after severel months in Correios post office delay :frowning:

Well, the problem is that I can’t make it work. I already have all drivers and Limesuite installed, I can connect to LimeSDR mini, already upgraded firmware using Programming menu in LimeGUI (running version 1.24), ut I can’t make it to work in GQRX…It just doesn’t do anything, don’t open device.
In HDRSDR, I can open and listen, but when I open ExtIO dialog, I see that my device is not calibrated and got this error when try to calibrate (see image).

Also, using SDRConsole 3.0 (latest version), I can’t get more than 10Mhz bandwidth…more than this, everything get’s very slow, almost stopping.
Just to inform: my PC is:
32Gb DDR4
512Gb NvME disk
GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 with 8Gb/DDR5

LimeSDR-mini is direct connected to USB 3.0 port and running on Windows 10 latest update.

Re: SDR Console

I’ve found it to work best at 15MHz bandwidth. Other bandwidths tend to stutter. It will likely slow and/or stop if you try to change bandwidth while it is running. Sometimes I have to exit/restart SDR Console before it works. Note that the LimeSuite.dll supplied with SDR Console is rather old and it’s NOT possible to substitute a later version.

I’ve had most success downloading and building from source. At least the LimeQuickTest.exe I built from source works and all its tests pass.

LimeSuiteGUI’s FFT Viewer also works as built from source.

My system is an i7-7700K; 32GB; Windows 10; GeForce GT 730, so your system should be more than adequate.

Hi @jmaurin,

Could you try to set gains as follws:

  1. LNA: -15dB
  2. TIA: 0dB
  3. PGA: 9dB