MyriadRF-1 Board with external on-board clock generator

Hi guys,

I am working on a project, using MyriadRF-1 board, my circumstances leads me to using my own microcontroller to talk to LMS6002D sitting on that board.

Reference stated that we need an external PLL reference clock ranging from 23-41 MHz. Since I need to supply this clock myself, may I know if anyone has ever tried this out with an on-board clock generator? If so, may you kindly advise the specific device you used?

P.S. using function generator is okay for testing phase, but I need it to be portable for my project, thus I would need an on-board generator.

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yes - I’ve developed a board with LMS6002d and a external clock generator.
Si53xx devices are quite good for that purpose. There are chips with I2C interface to set the frequency and to enable/disable the clocks for the LMS.
But you should select a very good clock reference for the clock generator, e.g. a temperature compensated oscillator.

Hi reizei,

Thanks for your advice.
I’ve chosen to use Si5356 evaluation board as my external clock generator, since their chips are also the one in use by interface board.

Hi @dareenh,

We’re you able to use the LimeSDR in external clock mode successfully? If yes, did you need to make a lot of changes to make the LimeSDR work and where you using it with OAI?