Myriad RF plus Zipper boards - test beginning

Dear Sir,

I’ve got the Myriad RF plus Zipper boards to test the LMS6002D transceiver chip ( mostly its Rx channels). To be able to start their testing I definitely need User Guide , GUI, schematics (if any)… The problem is The web page does help not so much

  • Myriad-RF development manual cannot be found, graphical user interface (GUI) is the same situation.
    Could you please advise where may I take such documents / programs from ?

Best Regards,


Hi Nikolay,

Apologies, the broken links on the RDK project page have now been fixed.

The hardware design files can be found in the RDK GitHub repo:

The software is in the LMS Suite repository:

Note that the lms-suite application should now work with Myriad-RF 1 + Zipper, and the old software can be found in the legacy sub-directory.



Hi Andrew,

Thank you very much for the prompt response. Yes, I can now download all needed items. I go ahead with this project.

Best Regards,