Myriad-RF 1 and Zipper - programming SI5351

Hi everybody,
I’m new on this blog.
I bought a MyriadRf-1 and a Zipper board (V2R3 AZIO 2015 from Digikey).
It seems to me, there is an error in the schematic Zipper board.
The signal SDA_C whitch is connected to the HMSC pin 111 is directly connected to 3.3 V.
All Altera HMSC connectors have the 111 pin connected to 3.3V.
I also checked the the Zipper board hardware and the error does exist.
My question is: how can we program the SI5351 with external hardware like DE115 board using HMSC connector.
I think, it is necessary to add an external connection.
Is there anyone who has this problem.
Thank in advance.