Motion sensor definition

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I got motion samples by using the Sensor Data Execute Action Message.
Parameters are shown in the following:

  • ctrlFlags is 2 which is continuous data transfer mode
  • dataFlags is 0
  • dataPeriod is 50
  • ctSamples is 6

How are motion samples defined in the WCA DCI messages?

Check out ConfigSensor.h defined in the A2300 API. The format is defined by the following structures.

//Motion Sensor Types.
struct Motion_RawSample
	short gyro[3];
	short accel[3];
	long quat[3];
	unsigned long timecode;
	short flags;

struct Motion_DataSet
	short ctRecs;
	Motion_RawSample Samples[6]; //Max 6 raw samples per set.

This is also discussed in section 8.5 of the ASR-2300 Communications Interface Specification.pdf provided in the documentation included with the A2300 API.



Thank you for your reply.

I have few questions regarding Motion_RawSample structure.

  1. The size of integer type depends on the architecture. I assumed that the size of long type is 32 bits and the size of short is 16 bits in WCA DCI messages. Am I right?
  2. Why is not quaternion defined as a four-dimensional?
  3. Please let me know about scale factors of gyroscope, accelerometer and quaternion.

Dear Mike,

I am still expecting your response regarding my questions.