More About The Power Level of the LimeSDR 160m to 1.28 GHz

LIMESDR TRANSMIT UPDATE: …Okay. again, with the LimeSDR USB version, using SDRAngel in Upper Sideband mode at 90% mic level at 1.0 kHz modulating frequency, here are the peak power values for the LimeSDR covering 160m to 1.28GHz, all frequencies shown are the MIDBAND FREQUENCIES and taken DIRECTLY - NO MODIFICATIONS - off the LOWBAND (L) TRANSMIT PORT of the LimeSDR…Also, there could be some coax losses (I used an RG-58A/U BNC cable that was 1m long at the higher frequencies - I am providing the cable spec so you can extrapolate appropriately (if needed) above 6m (@50 MHz 1m = .1dB loss, @1280 MHz 1m = .2dB loss):

160m (1.825 MHz) = -8.77dBm
80m (3.750 MHz) = -2.632 dBm
60m (5.358 MHz) = +0.31dBm
40m (7.175 MHz) = +2.46dBm
30m (10.180 MHz) = +4.84dBm
20m (14.175 MHz) = +3.10 dBm
17m (18.110 MHz) = +7.982dBm
15m (21.175 MHz) = +8.59dBm
12m (24.930 MHz) = +9.119dBm
10m (28.750 MHz) = +9.50dBm
6m (52.00 MHz) = +8.84dBm
2m (146.00 MHz) = +8.523dBm
1.25m (223.50 MHz) = +8.994dBm
70cm (435.0 MHz) = +6.213dBm
916 MHz = +4.24dBm
1.280 GHz = +0.702dBm

…My Agilent E4401B cannot go above 1.6GHz as I had planned to measure 2.4 GHz and 3.4GHz as well…

More will follow later on the LimeSDR Mini - Stay tuned…

73 de Marty, KN0CK


Fantastic. Thanks Marty!