LimeSDR’s maximum transmitting power

For the maximum transmit power for LimeSDR, the output power I measured (using a power meter) is close to 5dBm at 1 GHz when using TX output 1. Furthermore, my maximum transmit power for my LimeSDR is consistently 10dBm under what the graph shows. Any ideas as to why? Also, is this something I should be concerned about?

Where did you get this graph from?

My bad!

Thanks. What software are you using to generate a signal? And what is the gain configuration? Might be easiest if you could save an INI file in LimeSuiteGUI, share this and perhaps @Karolis could take a look.

I am using GNU radio to generate the signal at maximum gain (70).

If you are sending data to real hardware that throttle block should be removed. If you are not sending it to real hardware then you do need it.

I removed the throttle block and I am still getting 10dBm under what the graph shows. Any ideas what else it could be?

Hi, I’m one of the team members working on this project. Settings are pretty the default I believe - here is the debug dump of the configuration.

We’re using GNU Radio to interface with the LimeSDR. I’ve attached the spectrum analyzer output. Note that a 30dB attenuator was added in-line, so the actual power hovers just around 5dBm.Gain was set at 70 in the GNU Radio block, which I believe correlates directly to dB. The maximum value according to documentation is 73, which correlates to about 8dBm.

Let me know if there’s any other information I can provide.

@Zack, could you take a look, please.