Missing posts

Just wondering what happened to all those RF-related posts that are missing all of the sudden. Could somebody please shed a light on this?

Some posts are without pictures too… / screen shots

Sure did not happen on purpose, did it?

RF-related posts does not narrow it down. Can you be more specific?

The site software did get upgraded the other day, but that shouldn’t have caused anything to get lost. We have a backup in any case.

Last three pictures…

Yes, I see… OK, I will rebuild the Docker container at some point over the weekend, in the hope that this makes the images resurface :slight_smile:

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The more current posts in the 100kHz threads are missing.

And what about missing posts?

Just got round to rebuilding the container (was away at the weekend). Not sure if it’s made any difference.

Same pictures are still missing… never mind…

Nope, lot still missing.

@jherbert might be referring to this post here?

Though there are many posts that didn’t come back, that post in particular is pretty useful to potential new comers to get an idea of what’s possible or not.

I’m wondering if Myriad doesn’t want/like this sort of discussion. If not, it should it be made clear so people who want to discuss this sort of thing can move to Reddit or a more open forum perhaps?

@Ramsin Yes, this seems to have been removed completely. In addition I am missing the later parts of the following:

I do not know how to look them up in Google cache - all I could find was a version of the site from yesterday.

I would really appreciate a clarification of community rules and issues that may not be discussed here. But then I believe this was just one unfortunate glitch.

I’m afraid it looks like a glitch, given the missing images from some posts also.

I can confirm that we have only ever had to delete a single post, due to it containing an expletive directed at another member of the community. Such language will not be tolerated.

To be clear, we are very much open to constructive criticism and just ask that people show due respect for others.