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We are investigating the LMS6002D for possible use in a new commercial radio product. The IC appears to be a very flexible part for many wireless applications.
We noticed however that the data sheet does not provide minimum and/or maximum specifications for critical RF parameters. Will a future update to the data sheet provide limits to parameters such as supply currents, RF output power, 2 GHz PLL phase noise @ 1 MHz offset, Tx gain control range, LNA noise figure at 2 GHz, LNA IIP3 at 2 GHz and Rx gain control range? We need guaranteed limits before we design in critical subsystems such as the LM6002D.
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I guess you need to put this question directly to Lime! We have been in production with the chip for a while (done about 1k, low volume) and found it to be stable and pretty much meeting the nominal parameters.




Thanks for your message. If you can answer, what RF frequencies does your product operate over? How important is NF, phase noise, IIP3, dynamic range, etc for you application?

BTW, I assumed LMS also replied to this forum and thought others would need these questions aswered.


Richard D.

Hello Richard,

It is great to see your interest in LMS6002D. The parameters in the datasheet are very conservative. Hence, you can expect at least or better performance than given in the document.
The chip has been used in variety of applications and we are quite interested to know more about yours. It would be good to know which wireless standard you are working on and your specific application.

I assume that you intend to publish the design database for the benefit of the Open Source community. We are keen to promote such initiatives and I am sure you’ll get a lot interest from the members. For your evaluation, I suggest to obtain the MyraidRF board from one of the distribution channels (listed on the home page http://myriadrf.org/), if you do not already have one and do your measurements at your frequency of interest. You can equally build your own Board and modify as you require, since the design database is available as Open Source on: http://myriadrf.org/myria-rf-board-1/

It would be great if you can post your information to get more people interested in your project.