Maximum LNA Gain

According to the Development Kit datasheet (Rev.:1.0r2), on page 53, it is written that if we set INLOAD_LNA_RXFE = 1 && RDINT_LNA_RXFE = 55 (dec), then this setting corresponds to the max LNA gain which is 0dB.

But, FAQ Document (Rev.:1.0r11), in item 5.2, it is written that max LNA gain 12dB maximum !!

So, can anyone tell me which one is correct? What is the maximum gain for each LNA(1/2/3) and how should I set them ?


Mehmet Akif Antepli

Hi Akif,

Keep INLOAD_LNA_RXFE = 1 && RDINT_LNA_RXFE = 55 (dec) as they are. Use G_LNA_RXFE register 0x75 bits to control LNA gain. Max LNA gain is around 12dB. Of course it depends on RF frequency and matching network.

Best regards

Hello circuitry,

Thank you for your response.

Yesterday, i was searching on the web trying to find some answers for LNA specifications. I come up with Lime Microsystems open-source support channel. Link is the following.!forum/limemicro-opensource

I checked the posts and found that gain vs. freq characteristics of all LNAs of LMS6002D used in UWCT board are provided in a document below:!topic/limemicro-opensource/yZlYxHr91hE

Indeed, I don’t know whether there is any difference in terms of RF input matching circuitry between MYRIAD-RF board and UWCT board, or not. The document provides significant amount of information for the behaviors of LNAs, yet after checking the document, it seems that 12dB max LNA gain can be achieved only for LNA1 (@ frequencies close to band-5 of 3GPP).

finally i want to point out a different issue:
I was expecting to find the latest version of the programming manual on the Lime Micro or Myriad-RF web-site, but i was frustrated. I have come up with the latest version (dated: 03/09/2013 named “LMS6002Dr2-Programming and Calibration Guide-1_1r5.pdf”) in the above google group, as well !!


Mehmet Akif Antepli