Maximize the RF Bandwidth

what can i do, if i need to maximize the TRX RF Bandwidth to 5.8?

There are two ways of setting TRX RF bandwidth:

  1. On GUI. Go to page “TxLPF” in the block “LPF Bandwidth” select 6MHz. Then on order to make it more precise to 5.8MHz in the other block “Process Calibration Values” find the field “From TRX_LPF_CAL”. In this field paly with the values to get the closes bandwidth to 5.8MHz
  2. Recording register value. First record “LPF Bandwidth” value of 6MHz (bin 0011) to registers 0x54 [5-2], then in order to find closest value to 5.8MHz try recording one eight values (from 000 to 111) to registers 0x56 [6-4]. To find detail description of register programing you can use the link below: pages 5 and 13

thanks Keny,
your answer helps me to know how to set the baseband bandwidth to certain value,
I may ask a question in a wrong way, what i need to know is that the frequency range of the Transceiver from 0.3 to 3.8, and i want to work with frequency 5.8, what can i do?


You will need to have external mixer and PLL connected to Myriad RF outputs/inputs to be able to go to 5.8 GHz frequency. I wonder what is the application for this frequency? Is it WiFi?


I see what you mean :slight_smile:
I agree with Andrewhux.

Thanks :slight_smile:
It is a RFID System Design