LMS9000 What happened to it?

The LMS9000 is listed on https://limemicro.com/technology/ for a looooong time.
I would love to have such a SDR (if it is also compatible with the LIMESUITE API).
Is there a chance that it will be released soon?

It will be.

A LimeSDR using it may be a little way off, but I understand that the silicon is progressing nicely.

Same question about that LMS8001 Companion. https://limemicro.com/technology/lms8001/

No information about this board anywhere and its link goes to the LimeSDR MINI page.

LMS8001 Companion Boards are not currently a stock item. We have chips and more could be made, but I’m not sure what the MOQ would be.

Is there a way to b an early adopter. What is the procedure to be one?