LMS9000 What happened to it?

The LMS9000 is listed on https://limemicro.com/technology/ for a looooong time.
I would love to have such a SDR (if it is also compatible with the LIMESUITE API).
Is there a chance that it will be released soon?

It will be.

A LimeSDR using it may be a little way off, but I understand that the silicon is progressing nicely.

Same question about that LMS8001 Companion. https://limemicro.com/technology/lms8001/

No information about this board anywhere and its link goes to the LimeSDR MINI page.

LMS8001 Companion Boards are not currently a stock item. We have chips and more could be made, but I’m not sure what the MOQ would be.

Is there a way to b an early adopter. What is the procedure to be one?

Can we expect the Product and board in 2021? What should we do to be an early adapter?

No dates we can share as yet and with any early access we tend to contact key developers direct.

It has been 10 months since this post. Any developments?

More than a year ago I asked about the higher sampling rate LMS9000 and was assured that the silicon is almost ready:

Any progress on the LMS9000?

No announcements and might suggest periodically checking https://limemicro.com/ to save you posting here.