LMS6002d TX LO Leakage cancellation

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to calibrate the LMS6002D through SPI using my own microcontroller.

Managed to get it through TX LO leakage test, and so does the RX test taught in “Myriad Development Kit” doc. Have also passed DC calibrations for these modules:

  • top LPF
  • RXVGA2

Now I am trying to configure the DAC’s LO Leakage control manually through register 0x42 and register 0x43. I tried going through all possible values but none of them reduces my LO leakage, I still have around 50dB difference between my peak spectrum and the floor.
Checked that register writes are successful by reading it back.

Kindly advise me if I missed something somewhere.

Thank you.