LMS6002D as receiver only - what to do with Tx pins

If the LMS6002D is only used for Rx and not for any Tx at all, do the Tx-related power supply pins (e.g. TXVCCPLL18, TXVDDVCO18, TXVDDPLL33A, etc, etc…) have to be connected or can they be left unconnected (i.e. floating)?

Guessing @Zack or @ricardas may know.

Don’t know, I only worked on it’s software

Hi @mwo,

Connect power related pins to appropriate power supplies. You can leave output pins of the digital TX interface unconnected.

Thanks, Zack! Just to clarify, please. Even though the Tx components of the chip are not used, you would still recommend providing power to the Tx power pins?