LimeSDR XTRX host recommendation

Are there any recommendations out there for a PC with a mPCIe interface that I could dedicate to one (or possibly two slots) LimeSDR XTRX? The objective is to develop or refine a system to store (or send from) files on SSD or stream data on 2.5GBASE-T. This platform needs to be in a robust package although I would be happy to know of a couple of candidate boards that I could package in house.

Just search for industrial small form factor computers with mPCIe. Aaeon are one manufacturer and there are others. Make sure also that it’s a full size mPCIe slot and not half length, as some have.

Thanks! I will also be following the thread on the two lane adaptor board currently in development. LimeSDR XTRX PCIe Adapter Board