LimeSDR VNA tuning


Looking for advise. I want to use the LimeSDR as a VNA. I tried the example VNA. While it works it is very frequency restricted. The range is limited from 240 MHz to 3.8GHz. I understand that the VNA was given as an example; and begs expansion of capabilities.
Will the LimeSuite.dll interfaced with a GUI platform be able to fully tune, receive and transmit, the LimeSDR from 0.1 KHz to 3.4GHz? Will the LimeSuite.dll be able to set the LMS7002M to the TDD mode? TDD mode is discussed in the LMS7002M data sheet. I have performed the recommended modification for HF reception. Transmit mode should also cover the full range. Also will the LimeSuite.dll work with a standard Windows 10 USB 3 driver?
My GUI platform of choice is Lazarus with FPC object Pascal. Works great with both Windows and Linux. Delphi is also very good, but my version does not work with Linux.

Suggestions welcome