The future of LimeMicro and its SDR


I wanted to follow up on @Crater 's post on sales ( LIMESDR-USB Sales link - #5 by Tapke ), after having learned the outstanding price of a LimeSDR USB if you manage to find one, and after having observed that none of LimeMicro’s guy took the time to answer him. “Customer support” one says?

LimeMicro is one of the sole companies who has not managed to find some alternative components or some alternative sourcing to produce again their main SDR board. The LimeMini v2 is not a full alternative for the LimeSDR - only in some scenarios actually.

Bigger players like Ettus and smaller players like Nuand have managed to do it. What is doing LimeMicro? Why do they keep their client in the dark? Are they forgetting us or dropping us forever? Should we definitively forget LimeMicro, whether it is for personal or business projects?

The lack of solution, the lack of news and the way they have abruptly dropped us alone in the mist begin to make me feel uneasy. We were loyal customers, are we managed as such?

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Agreed. Very disappointing. However i managed to get a slightly used one localy, from a guy who didnt find enough time to play with it anymore. It even had the HF RX sensitivity mod. MIMO is the main feature for full USB board that others dont have. I can live with the limited range with up/down converters.

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I wish we could get an answer on this too. I had a pending order for over a year, maybe a year and a half. I ended up getting a used one while waiting. Being that my main intention was to use it a a test device and learning tool, I really don’t have much interest in it now. Chances are I will blow it up sooner or later and spending a lot of time learning and building around something that is not really replacable seems like a recipe for sadness.

Hi All,

Apologies for the lack of communication regarding the LimeSDR roadmap. I’d like to share details of this with you now, but I’m not in a position to just yet. However, please be assured that we have no plans of dropping the LimeSDR family or existing users, we are busy working away in the background and should be making some announcements within the next few months.