LimeSDR usb Problem

Its been a while since i used my board 2days ago plug it in and update but now having some issue and keep getting error and self test no working either so i used the lime sdr test app and get this error

[ RF Loopback Test ]
->Configure LMS
SetFrequencySXT(1250 MHz) - cannot deliver frequency
TuneVCO(CGEN) - failed to lock (cmphl!=0)
SetFrequencyCGEN(491.52 MHz) failed
Failed to set sample rate
->RF Loopback Test FAILED

=> Board tests FAILED <=

Im keep getting this error too

[11:28:11] ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed
[11:28:11] ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed
[11:28:13] ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed
[11:28:13] ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed
[11:28:13] ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed
[11:28:13] ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed

Hi @Ancer,

What is LED status? Do you use USB2 or USB3? What USB cable? Have you tried another machine/cable?


Thanks for coming back to me usb2 and usb3 ubuntu 18.04 bionic and win 10 GQRX crashing same at sdsharp pretty much nothing i working in my card tried update but still same issue even used external P.S everything is the original cable i used for it.

I also often see this problem, except it’s fixed as soon as I unplug then replug the LimeSDR. Sometimes I also reupload the FPGA and FX3, which may fix the problem (this is more convenient as I’m not next to the Lime).

I have a program that receives on 2 channels using the SoapySDR C API. Everything usually works fine. As I’m debugging I quite often kill the program and thus I don’t always clean things properly. Then after some time, when starting the program, I see the following after getting the device:

[INFO] Reference clock 30.72 MHz
[INFO] Device name: LimeSDR-USB
[INFO] Reference: 3.072e+07 MHz
e[1me[31m[ERROR] SetFrequencySXT(1250 MHz) - cannot deliver frequencye[0m
[INFO] LMS7002M calibration values caching Disable
e[1me[31m[ERROR] TuneVCO(CGEN) - failed to lock (cmphl!=0)e[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] SetFrequencyCGEN(80 MHz) failede[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] TuneVCO(CGEN) - failed to lock (cmphl!=0)e[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] SetFrequencyCGEN(440 MHz) failede[0m

When I then try to set the frequency with SoapySDRDevice_setFrequencyComponent using RF or directly SoapySDRDevice_setFrequency I get the same error

e[1me[31m[ERROR] SetFrequencySXR(2450 MHz) - cannot deliver frequencye[0m

but the call does not return an error (it returns 0).

Same when calling again SoapySDRDevice_setFrequencyComponent but with BB, I get an error but the call still doesn’t return an error

e[1me[31m[ERROR] SetNCOFrequency(index = 0) - Frequency(21 MHz) out of range [0-3.84249) MHze[0m

When opening LimeSuite I would also often see lots of ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed. Right now LimeSuite is being very slow trying to contact the LimeSDR I guess. I ended up killing LimeSuite, and when retrying my program I get

e[1me[31m[ERROR] ConnectionSTREAM: Failed to open devicee[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] Failed to open devicee[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] connection is not opene[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] Write(64 bytes) failede[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] connection is not opene[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] Write(64 bytes) failede[0m
e[1me[31m[ERROR] Failed to open. Device is busy.e[0m

I’m using a USB3 cable, Windows 10. LED 1 blinking red, 4 off, 5 red (USB status), 8 green. I did not check the status when the Lime was still accessible though, I’ll try remembering to check it next time it happens.

After unplugging and replugging, the 5 is now green and everything is working normally.

There’s been several mentions of such issue before, but I’m not sure if it’s connected:

Tried reupload the FPGA and FX3 but still no luck.

Im really getting close to smash my card nothing works all error update via win 10 and ubuntu works but cant used it in any sdr software gqrx crash i havent used this for months and now this problem.

Here is my advice for LimeSDR-USB and ubuntu 18.04:
Clone LimeSuite from the git repository and checkout gitrev 17c3e05. And update libusb to version 1.0.22. Then build LimeSuite.

Also, remember that SW1 is the FX3 reset push-button.


Thanks but even in windows not working?

I have only tried the LimeSDR-USB with Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

Was working fine before got and never had issue in win 10 until now.

@Ancer unfortunately I had a similar story and one of the components, the lms7002 chip, went bad. It sat in the box unused for a number of months and when I tried to use it, it never worked again. There was no way for me to repair it. Hopefully that isn’t the case for you.


Well that kinda sucks if that happened since this is a faulty chip from the beginning then this should be replace by warranty since im backer and pretty much didn’t do anything in my card that much.

Looks like we have bunch same issue with lime mostly is mini mine is usb and have same issue about " ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed" This is not good even only have like 10 hrs play since the day it came from my door they should find way to fixed this problem.

Lucky you, mine never worked, just “ERROR: Write(64 bytes) failed” always… I posted another thread hoping someone will answer to help or replace this unit but from what I’ve read so far I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

I have had the revision report 0 0 … and a after few plug/unplug … long pauses between each unplug , before unplugging again i would check to see if the revision ##'s were correct …

Have not tried external power yet … to see if it is a USB2.0 issue … or power

Went back to my hackrf blue that still work.