LimeSDR-USB FMCW Radar using Lime Suite C++ API Help!

Hi there all,

Due to the lack of documentation and myself being an amateur in the field of SDR’s, I am struggling to get a fully working FMCW. My setup is as follows, I transmit at 2.4GHz, with a 20MHz sweep, I have analog mixers, which mix the transmitted and received a signal to get the beat frequency, then due to the SDR’s bandwidth limitations, I upconvert the beat signal to 10MHz which I have set my receiver to. The system seems to be set up correctly, however, I am not receiving the beat signal when processing the received data. It is worth a mention that I am writing the data to an array to export to a file later. I have set this up in such a way that it doesn’t affect the TX timing. Could someone please let me know what is wrong with the code I am using, and how I can get a working receiver.
Here is the Github Repo with the code written so far, please let me know asap!

Extra Info:

  • Due to the way I have built from source, I have included the limesuite.h file path, this must be changed to run the code.

  • This code has been set up for 2 receivers, of which only one is currently uncommented and working. This is all I need for now though, a single working receiver is good enough.

  • The transmission has been tested through all mixers until the RX input channel of the SDR. All outputs have been found to be correct on the oscilloscope.

Kind Regards
Ciaran McKey