LimeSDR-Mini v2.4 - external clock

I have version v2.4 but on the page is only version v2.2

I want to use an external clock with LimeSDR Mini

On the website it is written “(remove R63 and solder R66)”, but on my version 2.4 there is IC20 in place of R63 and R66.
So the question is, how can you use an external clock in version 2.4?


on LimeSDR-Mini v2.4 board version external clock source can be selected trough onboard switch (IC20).
To control onboard switch modify FPGA register:
Address - 0x00CF[0]
0 - VCTCXO (default),

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@ricardas can this be achieved via LMS API during setup? Seems like the sort of thing which should be, instead of having to directly modify FPGA registers.

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Great, thank you for the information.

The question is: can this be controlled in a simpler way?
Or where can I find instructions on how to edit such a registry and then restore it to default settings?

Or is it possible to control it from the “device_args” level as in the example below from your website.

Hi , can I ask for an update, any news? :slight_smile:

Hello, to avoid redundant posts in the forum, could you please provide a list of changes for board version v2.4 compared to v2.2?
Alternatively, is there an updated git repository for v2.4 at GitHub - myriadrf/LimeSDR-Mini-v2: LimeSDR Mini v2 Hardware Design?
Thank you very much. Jakub