LimeSDR mini + osmo-trx-lms + pi3 or ubuntu


i tried to use the osmocom CNI latetst build but i was unable to get the radio interface work!

is there any one who managed to get this work ? kindly provide me with the required settings !

Sadly,Myriad didn’t provided a technical blog post about this box !


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The easiest way would be to use a Raspberry Pi and the Pantahub packaged Osmocom stack. See:

You’d want the “Pantahub connected image” and to follow the instructions on that page for configuring GSM.

Thanks for your reply !

As i see,you managed to use Osmocom NITB and LMS transmitter !
which is deprcated (osmo nitb) !
kindly,did you get osmocom cni work properly with limesdr mini or did you know any one who done it before ?

if no i will try my best to get it work and share a post here !


Yes, but I don’t have the configs used any more. However, the only LimeSDR specific part will be in the OsmoTRX config, while everything else will be generic and common to whatever transceiver hardware is being used. Hence this is not really a LimeSDR question. See the Osmocom wiki for details: