LimeSDR-Mini - GPIO Read Not Supported

If you were comfortable modifying the NIOS firmware one really quick and nasty way to do it with really minimal modification and understanding of the command system is the following:

Assuming you don’t ever want to be able to set the VCTCXO DAC to 0 or 1, which is unlikely, you could add a if statement to the firmware in the place where the DAC is updated with the new value over SPI and in the case that it is 0 or 1, dont update the DAC and toggle the GPIO accordingly.

You could then flash this image to your fpga. On the PC call LMS_WriteVCTCXO(0) or LMS_WriteVCTCXO(1) to set the GPIO to 0 or 1 from your C++ code.

Its very horrible but if you need it fast it would work and only require the insertion of a single if statement into the NIOS fw.