LimeSDR Matlab support

my sdrsharp plugin,just test version

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Any thing for Linux … besides whats available under Gnuradio …
I like Quisk … a heck of alot more …



ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I have the LimeSDR running on the latest SDR# and it’s functioning GREAT on the US FM Band, and I’m now listening to the LimeSDR operating at 162.475 MHz (the local Weather Station WXL73 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa). Again, RUNNING GREAT…!!

If I can put in a plug…Please have it tune the HF band (2.0 to 30 MHz)…You’ll have a stampede of Hams that will want to use this app when everyone gets their LimeSDRs. I got this running within 1 minute of seeing your latest post. Again, GREAT JOB ON THIS…!!

73 de Marty, KN0CK

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LimeSDR 1.4s out in the wild. Numerous issues

I finally could upgrade the FX3 firmware according to
but failed the FPGA programming. Please see the attachments. I believe this is the reason I can’t run the matlab routine. I still get the “no connection object”.





your limesdr hw version is 1.2,you need 1.2 version FPGA and fx3 fw


many thanks for your help. I eventually was successful setting up the system and running the matlab routine :)) though I will need to learn about the parameters of matlab functions defined for limeSDR.

However, I have few questions and I would appreciate if you could answer:

1- how did you know my hardware version is 1.2?
2- after I upgraded the FX3 and FPGA, I built the Lime Suite using Cmake and copied the LimeSuite.dll in matlab path. but I was getting the no connection error in matlab until I copied the your LimeSuite.dll from “cyusb version” folder. Would you please explain what is the problem and whether I have had problem in compiling Lms7suite?


When you connect Lime Suite it reports “HW:2”.


I was trying to use use limesdr using matlab on ubuntu (14.04). I am getting into trouble with following matlab error:

Failed to find Check path()

I would appreciate if you could advise me on how to fix the problem


run limeSDR.build_thunk();
you can build file


Hi Jocover.

I now finally received my LimeSDR HW and I am trying out your Matlab code. I have accessed your GitHub files. However I have problems with error messages. This is what I get when running your example:

Error using loadlibrary (line 419)
There was an error loading the library “E:\Ingolf\Elcad\MatLab\LimeSDR\LimeSuite.dll”
Undefined function ‘strsplit’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.

Error in limeSDR/load_library (line 170)
[notfound, warnings] = loadlibrary(‘LimeSuite’, @libLimeSuite__proto, ‘alias’,

Error in limeSDR (line 198)

Error in LimeSDR_test1 (line 1)

Caused by:
Undefined function ‘strsplit’ for input arguments of type ‘char’.

I tried to build the:

Error using loadlibrary>lFullPath (line 587)
Could not find file LimeSuite.h.

Error in loadlibrary (line 220)

Error in limeSDR.build_thunk (line 50)
[notfound, warnings] = loadlibrary(‘LimeSuite’, ‘LimeSuite.h’,
‘includepath’, this_dir, ‘alias’, ‘libLimeSuite’, ‘notempdir’,
‘mfilename’, proto_output);

It does not seem find some files and that is correct, they are not present in your GitHub contribution.

Any advice on how to proceed?


Windows or linux?

Could not find file LimeSuite.h sounds like LimeSuite is not installed or installed in a user defined folder


Use the latest version.
The LimeSuite.h file rename to LimeSuite_Build_Thunk.h

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Hi jocover,

In the Simulink LimeSDR block I see “LPF Bandwidth” defined for each RX/TX channel.
Does it mean the data from/to this block are LP filtered?
I don’t see any effect changing this filter value.



@jocover , hi
How can i create transmit Repeat function or same like algorithm?

transmit Repeat function transfers the baseband packets with idle time to the SDR platform, and stores the signal samples in hardware memory. The example then transmits the waveform continuously over the air until the release method of the transmit object is called.

Any TX functions?

Best regards, togoto


Hi Jocover,
Firstly, many thanks for your effort and help to run LimeSDR with Matlab.

I work with ML2016B on W10.

The running is good but with limited performances because I am not able to access to the functions of LimeSDR as NCO, FIR, IQ correction…

Have you planned to add these functions or is there an example to add them ? Sorry I am not a programmer but a radio user (for amateur radioastrnomy).

Thank you again and best regards.

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Hi Marty, Hi Jocover,
The SDRsharp plugin is no longer available on!fFdhiLzI!P2lC9oAOT7XwnSPCJRgVqP50MxYuibbPVjGSN2xF83Q

Where can I find a copy of this plugin, please ?
Thank you for your help ! and best 73 from F1EHN :wink:



I reviewed the link, too, and it appears it was

Here is a link that you can download the FooBar2000 app and the DLL you need to make it work that I put (temporarily) on my Google Drive:

Use that link to download both (the installer and the DLL) and then when it’s installed, make sure you put the DLL in the same subdirectory as where the FooBar2000 application resides.

Hope this helps - 73 de Marty, KN0CK


Hi Martin,
Thank you for your answer.
But it seems the FooBar2000 is dedicated for a FM transmitter.
I am looking for a receiving chain using LimeSDR and SDR#.
Or may be I don’t understand correctly?


newest version sdrsharp plugin
I will update in this link

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What features does this plug-in provide for SDR#? Please let me know when you can. Also, when will FooBar2000 support other modulation modes (USB, LSB, CW in addition to AM/FM) and use microphone mode? Please let me know on that one, too - thanks,

73 de Marty, KN0CK