LimeSDR H/W Issues


There seem to be many threads talking about LimeSDR H/W problems or how their LimeSDR has stopped working.
Are these problems due to LimeSDR design / manufacturing ?
Are they due to the fact that the users have not adhered to absolute maximum ratings / electrical limits (i.e. w.r.t. power supply voltage, coupling amplifiers to output stage without proper matching etc.) ?

Is there any document/link that lists important dos and don’t to not damage the board ?

For LimeSDR USB, is an external power supply required ? If yes, what should be its ratings ?
Also, with USB connected & external power supply connected, does the board automatically stop drawing power from USB if the external power supply can provide the necessary current ?


MAX 8VDC. I blew the power switching chip, bypassed it. Now, I use a QUALITY USB3.0 hub with a large power supply on it. Max draw I have seen is 750ma at 5VDC (USB3.0 power meter).
I have a 2nd unit that I just bypassed the power switch chip & will NOT use any outboard power supply.
Side note, my Dell G3 laptop powers it fine to 750ma No glitches at all. This is with SDR-Console running 30 MHz & 8 BFM stations running at once.


Thanks @AA7QQ! Have you faced any issues with RF ports getting blown ? Any specifics to keep in mind ? Has any RF circuitry got damaged esp. the LMS chip ? or has there been any case where the FPGA conked off ?

@Zack : Any more suggestions (power supply + RF) that would ensure that the limeSDR does not get damaged ?