LimeSDR antennas on Pothos Source SDR block


My LimeSDR has plugged the RX2_L antenna and I’m trying to run the FM capture samples found here:

However, on Pothos the antenna have weird labels: “LNAH”, “LNAW”, “LNAL”, “LB1”, “LB2”.

I tried placing “RX2_L” string on the antenna property but I get:

“SDRBlock: call setAntenna threw: Exception: SoapyLMS7::setAntenna(RX, RX2_L) - unknown antenna name”

Anyone can help me understand what is going on, and how to map correctly the antenna on the SDR block?

RX2_L would be Receiver channel 2 LNAL

RX1_W would be Receiver channel 1 LNAW …etc, see the pattern?

I see, so on the Streaming tabs of the SDR source properties, should the channel arg be “[1]” for channel 2?

I tried both [0] and [1] but I just get the same static with or without the antenna, I don’t even get noise while connecting or disconnecting the antenna. I’m using a 17.8cm u.FL SMA pigtail coaxial as antenna, not sure if that would be optimal for FM capture (<100 MHz)

nonetheless, I successfully was able to run the pothos topology replacing the LimeSDR with a NooElec RTLSDR and I get FM audio without problems with that antenna

Is there any chance I could get help on this issue? the file I’m referring to is attached as ‘simple_fm_radio_02_WORKING.pothos’ on that page. I cannot attach it here