LIMESDR and LimeSuite first steps

I am Luke and I am new user of LimeSDR and LIME Suite.
I have installed all the packages under Win10.
I would try to run the Selftest.ini and as second step to load the WCDMA wv.
LimeSDR is correctly seen by Win10 and LIME Suite connects it via USB3.0
When I try to load the ini file LIME Suite closes and this happens also with example.ini.

I also tried to load the wv from Modules–>FPGA Controls. In this case in the FPGA Controls windows I don’t have the check box to activate the “Digital LoopBack enable”.

Do you have suggestions?

I’m guessing that you are using this guide for the LimeSDR-USB

Do you by chance have a LimeSDR-Mini, which does not have onboard Memory that the LimeSDR-USB has which is required for that test to function.

There was an additional feature added to LimeSuite to generated a CW, but it also uses the onboard Memory on the LimeSDR-USB, so it will not work on the LimeSDR-Mini.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I what I think is being done, is that RAW samples are uploaded to the RAM on the LimeSDR-USB board, they are then continuously transmitted out a TX port (DAC) that is looped back around into a RX port (ADC) where the samples are received and displayed by LimeSuite. In my mind at least this could be modified to provide the samples continuously from RAM on the host computer. But maybe I’m overlooking something that is critical.

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Thanks a lot mzs

Yes I am using that guide with LimeSuite 19.04.1

No, I only have my LimeSDR-USB

I will try to generate a test signal as described in the chapter 5 of the guide and check in my Spectrum Analyzer/EMI Reveiver

The two points disappointing me are:

when I l

  • when I load the .ini file LimeSuite crashes and closes, step 3.2.2

  • if open the panel Modules->FPGA controls I dont see the “Digital Interface” block. Is it related to the previous setting?

My default action when trying to troubleshoot anything is always to use the latest LimeSuiteGUI software for Windows or install or compile the latest LimeSuiteGUI software for Linux or OSX or Window to upgrade the gateware and firmware which is currently from October 2020-10-29. I personally would not be using LimeSuiteGUI software from April 2019, because there is a chance that the firmware and gateware on the board is later than that, unless of course maybe you downgrade them to an older version. But that sounds like a step backwards to me.