LimeSDR Mini test signal


I am looking for a solution to generate a test signal via LimeSuite, something similar like this one:

As much as I understand, the WCDMA and LTE test waveforms are not available for the Mini due to FPGA/memory limitations.

The question is, is it possible to run something simpler , like a single carrier QAM signal or something to test the output signal of the Mini with a VSA?


Since it doesn’t have DDR memory you will need to stream samples from the host. Probably best seeing if you can find Octave or GNU Radio etc. code to do what you want.


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the answer. My biggest issue is that I need to generate the test signal and have access to the device with limesuite. As while I am generating the test signal, I also need to be able to tune the DAC settings, so I can calibrate the clocking of my mini (as at 2GHz it is off by about 12kHz…).

It might be worth putting a simple FM or similar generator into limesuite, so these kind of calibrations can be done easily.

Not sure what would be involved, but added a enhancement request here and hopefully @IgnasJ can review and comment: