LimeSDR 1420 MHz astronomical interferometer

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working on a 1420 MHz radio astronomy interferometer for a while now and using the LimeSDR that I just received, I’m getting some nice results (see link below). Basically, the 2x2 MIMO capability of the LimeSDR has made it easy to get two antennas to function together as a coherent receiver pair. If you follow the link, it describes the details of my setup and some preliminary results.

I’m hoping that I can get two LimeSDR units to work together to get 4x4 MIMO and I am also very interested in the 4x4 MIMO PCIe based unit that is in the works.

Best regards,

David, N5OIQ!forum/amateur-radio-interferometry


Hi David,

Thanks for sharing, this is very cool indeed! Let me know if there is anything we can help with when it comes to configuring two boards for 4x4 MIMO.