LimeSDR abilities

I would like to use LimeSDR for my research, where I would like to combine or model the performance of power amplifier, filter and antenna for 5G base stations, I found LimeSDR so interesting to me, however, I have three questions,

• I would like to use 44 MIMO, but LimeSDR is only 22, Can I use two boards (master-slave) for this purpose?
• Do I have the ability to use two different or more LimeSDRs on different computers communicate to each other? (synchronisation)
• I know LimeSDR is limited to 3.8GHz, however, we would like to work up to 4.2GHz, any solutions?

Limitations in the driver mean you won’t be able to go go higher than spec unless you can rewrite. Even then its probably not going to give you more. The way other SDRs do it is built in up / down converters

You can use a common external reference clock with multiple boards and ISTR some have succeeded in synchronising multiple boards fitted in the same computer, but you’d need to search the forum for details.

LMS8001 Companion, but there isn’t currently any stock or an ETA for the next batch of boards.