Libraries for GSM, LTE?

We are getting ready to work on some projects involving GSM and LTE. Are there design and implementation libraries already available for things like modulation, data rates, performance, etc. Also what resources do these libraries need? I suspect we would need a powerful FPGA.


Juan Pimentel

For GSM there are OpenBTS and OsmoBTS and both could work with UmTRX ( which is built using two LMS6002D chips.

For LTE there is OpenLTE ( and OSLD ( which are open-soure and Amarisoft LTE ( which is proprietary. We’re working on making UmTRX to work with Amarisoft at this moment.

Note, that in all these systems are doing DSP processing on an x86 CPU and FPGA is used for DDC/DUC only.

Hello, could someone answer the question:
How can I generate baseband modulated signals (e.g LTE)? Do I have to write the code myself in the PC first and then send it via Interface board to Myriad RF or the Myriad RF software has the provision to do this?

Thank you

Myriad RF board is a RF module, which only translates digital signals to RF domain and vice versa. Hence, the modulated signal (LTE or any other) has to be generated by baseband and sent to Myriad RF board. The software which is provided with Myriad RF board, is used to set-up transceiver frequency, bandwidth, gain.