GSM Platform

Hi, I bought two Myriad RF boards. My intention is to create GSM platform. Can I use those boards for GMS application?

Hello Tomswein.
Yes you can use Myriad RF for GMS applications, because Myriad RF can cover all GMS frequency bands.

Hi, Paul_ezen. Thank you for reply. I see that LMS6002 transceiver has minimum bandwidth of 1500 MHz, while GSM bandwidth is 200 kHz. I was wondering if this will not affect the performance of GSM platform.

Yes, LMS6002 lowest bandwidth is 1.5 MHz. But you can use external 100 kHz filter connecting it to analog output and bypassing the internal ADC of LMS6002.

If I understood correct you are suggesting to apply this on LMS6002 receiver path. Right? Does that mean that I can not use ADC to convert signal from analog to digital? If I want to get digital signal at the end, do I have to you external ADC?

Correct. The reason that it goes only on the receive path, because of receiver blocker are very close to wanted channel (about 800kHz offset from wanted channel). So to make the system GSM specification compliant, you have to use external filter. But if you are trying to establish GSM base station in lab environment, you can use Myriad RF without external filter. And yes, in order to get digital signal you have to use external ADC.

I am also thinking about sending digital signal to transmitter path. Do I need the same external filer application on transmit path?

No you don’t. Myriad RF transmit path is linear enough to meet ACPR GSM specification.

OK, I see. Do you know any example of similar project? That would be supportive a lot. Thank you.

Yes, you can find one of the examples in Myriad RF website:

hi Tomswein, why do you use digital filter?
first get 1.5MHz data
second, digital filter out the 200Khz data
third, data processing